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Досить уже помилок. Як наші упередження впливають на наші рішення

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SKU: 9786177965151
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Author Olivier Sibony
Translator Maryna Marchenko
Видавництво Лабораторія
Publication date 2020
Print length 240
ISBN 978-617-7965-15-1
Мова видання Ukrainian
Cover Paperback
Dimensions 145х215 mm

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We are all constantly making decisions. It seems so natural to us that we don't feel like we need a unique method for it... Yet even the best of us regularly make predictable mistakes!
So what is a good decision? Should you trust your intuition? How can we remedy the cognitive biases that lead us astray when unaware of them?

In this book, based on his experience and the latest work in behavioral economics, Olivier Sibony reviews our most common mistakes. It develops a method to avoid them by mobilizing collective intelligence and offers concrete solutions to allow readers to invent their own “art of deciding”.

You will make significant decisions!

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