Here we should write something like "Hello! This is the Book Lion." But behind every case, there are real people. So let's try again.

Hello! These are Katya Ivanova, Sasha Ryabchuk, and Solya, Sasha, and Maria. Sasha and I are the owners of "Book Lion", and if you have already found yourself on the "About Us" tab, then listen...

We do not know if you have already visited us. Maybe friends told you about us, or you follow our life on Instagram. So we want to tell you a little about us.

Almost five years ago, we opened "Book Lion" in Lviv. We are still a little shocked that this happened because if we think logically, this should not have happened. We had almost no money or premises, and we live in Kyiv. And also, you have no idea how often we have heard: "So, why another bookstore? They are already there at every step."

There may be bookstores at every step (and that's a good thing), but "Book Lion" is not just a bookstore. It became the "third place". Something important between home and work. A place where you fill up intellectually, emotionally, and aesthetically. A place where you feel yourself.

We settled in a slightly neglected yard and made such beauty there! For three years, we were a gallery and venue for events in addition to a chic bookstore. Now we are writing this, and our eyes are watering from understanding how many beautiful things have happened during this time. And how many unrealized ideas lie ahead.

But the first lockdown happened, after which we were stormed. Yes, we persevered and did not close, but we had to move to four times smaller premises.

And we would like to write that there are four times fewer opportunities, but we gave up something and started doing something new. So, on this site, everything that we want to bring into your life if you do not live in Lviv or the country is again covered by the lockdown.

Why are we not like everyone else?

We are independent.
We sincerely believe that a bookstore should not only be a place where books are sold.

"Book Lion" is a place about meanings. A place where you will not be given a dozen books, which you will later sell in bulk, but where they will pick you one, the one you need.

Moreover, our educational projects nurture you as readers, even during these turbulent times.

Our achievements and goals

Over these five years, we have made thousands of readers happy because we are independent, and our priority is not the implementation of the promo plan but the "wow!" from our guests. We have held hundreds of events and raised awareness that books and literature are part of a healthy lifestyle. We have held dozens of exhibitions of artists who could not make it to the gallery without budgets.

And even if we can't do everything entirely offline now, we make up for it with online projects ❤️