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Стратегія за межами «хокейної ключки». Люди, ймовірності і переможні рішення (тверда обкладинка)

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SKU: 9786177965373
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Author Chris Bradley, Martin Hirt, Sven Smit
Translator Oleksandra Gordynchuk
Видавництво Лабораторія
Publication date 2021
Print length 256
Ілюстрації Black & white
ISBN 978-617-7965-37-3
Мова видання Ukrainian
Cover Hardcover
Dimensions 170х240 mm

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Beat the odds with a bold strategy

We’ve all seen hockey stick business plans before. A future where results sail confidently upward, but with a dip coinciding with next year’s budget.

CEOs usually rely on their experience and business smarts to figure out which hockey sticks are natural and which are fake. But all too often, getting to a “yes,” competing for resources, and striving to claim credit cloud the hard decisions. Another strategy framework? No thanks, we already have plenty of those, and they don’t fix the real problem: the social dynamics in your strategy room.

Mining the data from thousands of large companies, McKinsey Partners Chris Bradley, Martin Hirt, and Sven Smit open the windows of that room and bring an “outside view.” They found three discrete groups of companies: the bottom quintile with massive economic losses; the long, flat, middle 60 percent with practically no economic profit; and the top 20 percent to whom all the value accrues.

Some companies achieve actual hockey stick performance: but just 1-in-12 jump from the middle tier to the top over ten years. This does not happen by magic — there is an empirically-backed science to improve your odds of success by capitalizing on your endowment, riding the right trends, and most importantly, making a few big moves.

To make these big moves happen, you must break through inertia, gamesmanship, and risk aversion. You’re going to have to mitigate human biases and manage group dynamics. Eight practical shifts can help you do this and unlock bigger, bolder, better strategies. 

This is not another by-the-book approach to strategy. It’s not another trudge through frameworks or small-scale case studies promising a secret formula for success. It’s an irreverent, fact-driven, and humorous take on the real world of strategic decision-making.

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