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Бусідо. Душа Японії

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SKU: 9786178025014
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Author Inazō Nitobe
Translator Andrii Nakorchevskyi
Видавництво ArtHuss
Publication date 2021
Print length 160
Ілюстрації Black & white
Серія Worldview texts of Eastern cultures
ISBN 978-617-8025-01-4
Мова видання Ukrainian
Cover Hardcover
Dimensions 210x170 mm

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Bushido. The Way of the Warrior presents a remarkably faithful mirror of many of the characteristics and habits of modern Japanese civilization, as it represents a tradition that enjoyed great power and prestige for centuries. This work was written to provide practical and moral instruction for warriors and to outline the parameters of personal, social, and professional conduct characteristic of Bushido, or Way of the Warrior, the Japanese chivalric tradition.

Personal responsibilities, family relationships, public duties, education, finances, and ethics are treated in this text from the perspective of the spirit of Japanese gentlemen. Even the forms of political incompetence and corruption that Japan currently struggles with are accurately described in this more than 400-year-old book; So deep did the feudal and military modes of government that generated them take their roots in Japanese society. This manual is therefore an essential resource for anyone who wishes to understand Japan and the Japanese people in a realistic way.

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