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The Kaidash Family

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SKU: 9786178257200
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Author Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky
Design Yana Zinevych
Publisher Віхола
Publication date 2023
Print length 304
Book series Gift Classic
ISBN 978-617-8257-20-0
Language Ukrainian
Cover Hardcover
Dimensions 130х200 mm

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The theme of family quarrels is immortal. The action of The Kaidash Family seems to have taken place at any time in any region of Ukraine. Probably, that is why this work is so alive and receives new incarnations all the time - in the theater and in the cinema.

Vivid descriptions of life, humor, and perfectly recorded spoken language. And most importantly, eternal characters whose features can be recognized even in your acquaintances - brothers who, having grown up, cannot find a common language and share property, a nervous mother who has devoted her whole life to caring for the family, but also controlling it, old Kaidash, who increasingly loses the meaning of life and looks into the glass. Nechuy-Levytsky portrays a family with fresh wounds left after the abolition of the manor, and through the laughter in this story, tears appear not only from family grievances but also from deep colonial traumas.

About the Gift Classic series

The Gift Classic series will include the most famous works of Ukrainian literature. In this series, the emphasis is on the aesthetics of the publication — elafin binding with silver embossing, lassé, thick paper, and colored endpapers. Each edition will be supplemented with two articles from well-known artists, critics, and experts. One of them is an explanation of the text and its place in Ukrainian literature by well-known literary experts. The second article is about how the classic text was still embodied in other genres of art - in cinema, theater, and painting. What is special about the film production "Shadows" by Serhii Paradzhanov? Why did the modern TV series "To Catch the Kaidash" affect the audience so much? How did theater directors rethink the works of Ivan Franko and Lesia Ukrainka?

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