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SKU: 9786177438549
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Author Vadym Miroshnychenko
Publisher Komubook
Publication date 2024
Print length 240
Illustrations Without illustrations
Language Ukrainian
Cover М'яка з клапанами

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What is non-normative writing and what changes can the language lead to? The language, which is a certain burden, it manifests desire and pleasure and at the same time tries to establish genre boundaries, to censor. But does the text always obey such conventions? The new language of writing, pushed by catastrophic social changes, refuses to be divided into poetry and prose. There is a text - and it speaks, expresses, shouts, encounters opposition and obstacles in order to overcome them. The characters turn into contours, into the void, wandering without a particular goal... in labyrinths with graphs, images, passions. Doped, sexualized bodies are arbitrarily modified, causing shock, disgust and, at the same time, raising conceptual questions. Upheaval from freedom, upheaval for freedom.

Vadym Miroshnichenko's debut collection of texts "Matter" is a condensation of figures, events, experiments, frank confessions and hidden meanings, moved by the rhythm of non-normativeness in one avant-garde rush with Pierre Guillot, Georges Bataille and William Burroughs. This is proof that, although marginalized, experimental writing in modern Ukraine lives and develops, like a volcano that seems to be dormant for a long time, until it explodes with a flurry of lava and ash.

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