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Autumn for an angel

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SKU: 9786177438525
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Author Evgeny Pashkovskyi
Publisher Komubook
Publication date 2024
Print length 440
Illustrations Without illustrations
Language Ukrainian

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Evgeny Pashkovskyi is today undoubtedly one of the strongest Ukrainian novelists, which may seem paradoxical, because almost twenty years have passed since he left fiction in the strict sense of the word, devoting himself to spiritual affairs. The depth of the search for the human, worthy of Sartre and Camus, the gravity of the moment and the fluidity of the artistic world, not worse than Faulkner's, the density of the language, which James Joyce himself would probably envy. But at the moment Evgeny Pashkovskyi is a very traditional writer immersed in the world of Ukrainian existence, so it is not so easy to notice these echoes at first. Pashkovsky's prose is not one that easily lends itself to the reader. His language is dense, like the soil under the feet of his characters, but at the same time fluid and unstable, it absorbs and resists at the same time, carrying the reader like an unstoppable river through the endless swirling labyrinths of the narrator's inner monologue and leaving no safe place to catch his breath. The world of Yevgeny Pashkovsky's novels is mostly gray, with numerous patches of blackness, but it is not without light, so readers who manage to get through this thick, sometimes bristling writing will be rewarded, if not with salvation, love and consolation, then at least with a very human hope for them .

The novel "Autumn for an Angel", with which we begin our attempt to return Yevgeny Pashkovsky's texts to the modern reader, is the first part of a dilogy that ends with the author's most famous work, "The Daily Wand". The novel is being published in book format for the first time. This book also opens our new series of Ukrainian fiction, which we hope will be regularly replenished with important, masterful and original texts.

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