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Повість про санаторійну зону. Сентиментальна історія. Я (Романтика)

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SKU: 9786177960804
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Author Mykola Khvylovyi
Publisher Віхола
Publication date 2022
Print length 256
Book series Non-canonical canon
ISBN 978-617-7960-80-4
Language Ukrainian
Cover Paperback
Dimensions 130х200 mm

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Mykola Khvylovy is one of the most accurate diagnosticians of his revolutionary era. An author who, like no one else, understood the peculiarities of the life choices of his contemporaries. The writer ultimately decided not to wait for the inevitable arrest and shot himself in the temple on May 13, 1933.

His name was banned. Even Khvylovy's grave was razed to the ground, and a "culture and recreation park" was built in its place. There is no grave, no monument, no texts... It would seem that everything has been irretrievably lost. However, years later, Khvylovy's texts found their way home.

In this book, you will find three works by Mykola Khvylovy - "The Tale of the Sanatorium Zone", "The Sentimental Story" and "I (Romance)". Texts that can be used to imagine what he was like, what that era was like. Khvylovy's characters are "groundless romantics", heroes full of despair, unable to build bridges between their romantic worldview and the reality in which these values ​​lose their meaning.

About the series "Non-canon canon"

Thinking about the canon of Ukrainian literature, only a few names from the school curriculum come to mind: Shevchenko, Franko, and Nechuy-Levytskyi. Although in reality, this list is much more extensive and more diverse.

Before you are the series "Non-canon canon", with the help of which we want to talk about all those we did not know, whose texts we read without understanding the context of the reality of the time. Before you are a series designed to rediscover familiar strangers. You will find a range of Ukrainian authors and their works - from Pidmohylny and Barhyany to Khvylovy and Johansen, from an elegant intellectual novel to a dynamic adventure, from an elegant intellectual novel to a dynamic adventure, from innovative urban prose to psychological texts.

Keys accompany each text for reading from Ukrainian literary experts. They will tell you what to pay attention to and help you look at the texts of Ukrainian classics in a new way.

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