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Як дизайн спонукає нас думати

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SKU: 9786178025397
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Author Sean Adams
Translator Maksym Tymchenko
Видавництво ArtHuss
Publication date 2022
Print length 256
Ілюстрації Colored
ISBN 978-617-8025-39-7
Мова видання Ukrainian
Cover Paperback
Dimensions 210×270 mm

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From posters to cars, design is everywhere. While we often discuss design aesthetics, we don't always dig deeper to unearth how design can overtly and covertly convince us of a certain way of thinking. How Design Makes Us Think collects hundreds of examples across graphic design, product design, industrial design, and architecture to illustrate how design can inspire, provoke, amuse, anger, or reassure us.

Graphic designer Sean Adams walks us through the power of design to attract attention and convey meaning. The book delves into the sociological, psychological, and historical reasons for our responses to design, offering practitioners and clients a new appreciation of their responsibility to create a design with the best intentions. How Design Makes Us Think is an essential read for designers, advertisers, marketing professionals, and anyone who wants to understand how the design around us makes us think, feel, and do things.

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